Unicar Auto Group


Unicar Auto Group provides a 36 days / 1000 kms dealer warranty for Ontario Certification Components concerns that may occur after the vehicle is sold. All possible repairs or diagnostics must be approved and verified by Unicar Auto Group prior to proceeding. 

Customer is responsible to report any occurrence to the vehicle and take pictures of the odometer and any possible videos or photos of the concern.( If applicable )

Purchasers are required to contact the dealer at ( 905-596-2828 ) or Email

( support@unicar.ca ) for any safety breakdowns or failures within 24 hours of the occurrence.

Unicar provides extended warranties for all certified vehicles at an extra cost. If an extended warranty is purchased, the customer may contact Unicar Auto Group for guidance on the claim process. "Extended warranty covers certain components detailed in our GVC brochures"

If the customer has declined the purchase of extended warranty, they acknowledge that Unicar Auto Group is only responsible for the duration of 36 days or 1000 kms provided by the dealer warranty for safety related issues.

( In the Case of a safety failure or anything related to the certification of the vehicle, The customer must bring the vehicle back to Unicar Auto Group or the mechanic responsible for the safety of this particular vehicle. If due to special circumstances, the client is unable to bring the vehicle to our facility, the client must get a work order from a licensed mechanic and wait for a possible compensation upon dealers' approval and provide proof of the work required to fix, replace or repair a part. These documents must be submitted via Email to support@unicar.ca. Unicar Auto Group will review the work order and only reimburse the amount that would cost our mechanic to do the same work including parts and labour. ) 

Unicar Auto Group is not responsible for any repairs after the dealer warranty has ended.

Unicar Auto Group Contact numbers:

Office: 905-596-2828 ( LandLine )

GM: 647-994-1344 ( Cell )

SM: 647-525-1119 ( Cell )